How It Works


We take great strides to make your purchase and licensing experience a  pleasant one. The process of ordering the full work:


    • Read the performance notes: Be sure to have read the performance notes for the work, available on the product pages or here.

    • Purchase the scores: Purchase as many copies of the vocal scores as are required for your performance (minimum 20 and one for each singer and soloists) as well as a full score. The scores are automatically delivered as digital PDF files and come with a watermark with your name and transaction number. The vocal scores and full score are sold as a perpetual license. 

    • Order instrumental parts: The instrumental parts for the full work are available upon request and upon purchasing the vocal scores and the full score. Please fill out this form to order the parts for $100. The parts may be used for as many performances as you wish for 1 year before the license must be renewed in order to extend the license period.

    • Check if you need a performance license: There is a $50 license fee per performance of the entire work for NON-MEMBERS of performing rights organizations such as ASCAP, PRS, TONO, etc.(See a full list of valid PROs). For members of a PRO, please note that we will report your performance to them. The payment for any license fees will be added to the order of the instrumental parts.

    • Get access to resource page: Upon ordering the instrumental parts you and all performers will get access to a resource page for the work. This page includes more videos and recordings than what is publicly available, rehearsal files, an outline rehearsal plan, technical information, interview with the authors, pronunciation guide, and more! 

Current region restrictions

Performances of the full work in the UK is open only after May 2020. Stand-alone movements may still be performed in the UK.

Stand-alone movements

For the stand-alone movements, you may purchase all scores including instrumental parts in the shop.