Making or Breaking

Making or Breaking

"Making or Breaking" was commissioned by Kantorei in Denver, and Artistic Director Joel Rinsema, and was written during Kim's Composer-in-Residency in 2015/16. 

The poem was written in part inspired by the first pictures of the earth taken from space, and the music inspired by the refugee crisis. In the simplest possible terms, the work sets out the choice before each of us. What should we do with our lives, and our planet which we inhabit for just a small part of time.

  • Voices: SSAATTBB 
  • Duration: 4 minutes
  • Instrumentation: Soprano Saxophone
  • Words: David Roberts
  • Year: 2015
  • Publisher: Santa Barbara Music Publishing

From the "Infinity" album on Naxos with Kantorei and Joel Rinsema.

We inherit the world,
the whole of history,
our place on earth,
our place in time,
our fortune, good or bad,
pure chance.

in one picture,
we see our entire planet:
one world,
one race,
one future,
bound together
for the first time.

for the breaking
or making.

By David Roberts